Custom Yacht and Mega Yacht Construction

Официальный представитель и партнер Azimut Grande и Benetti

Компания Azimut Yachts Russia является эксклюзивным представителем и партнером компании Azimut Benetti Group на территории Российской Федерации и стран СНГ по направлениям Azimut Grande и Benetti. Более 15 лет успешной работы и реализации амбициозных проектов наших клиентов, позволяют нам предлагать услуги строительства, сюрвея и менеджмента яхт от 30 метров и более. Мы также обладаем опытом работы с другими крупными компаниями, поэтому при необходимости Ваш проект может найти свое воплощение на одной из верфей в Голландии или Германии.
Transportation and floating of Benetti Classic Supreme 132

Benetti and Azimut Grande custom mega yachts

The company Azimut Yacht Russia is an official partner of the brand Benetti, which is a part of the Azimut Benetti Group. Benetti is the world market leader in mega yachts construction, as confirmed by the Global Order Book annual report. This report represents a market analysis in mega yachts industry. It is based upon comprehensive information on mega yachts projects under construction at different shipyards. Azimut Benetti Group has constantly been at the top of ratings as a “World leader in Mega yachts construction” for 16 years in a row.

Among our many clients there are those who eventually form their personal conception of relaxation. It is always unique in its details. Usually along with this conception they start appreciating the yacht size “from 30 meters”. Here at the forefront we have Benetti and Azimut Grande - two main lines of Azimut Benetti Group, two areas where a significant freedom of action in terms of implementation of unique projects is possible.

143-year history of more than 350 boats built, more than 300 000 sq. m (3.229.173 sq. feet) of production capacity at the three shipyards in Italy and 35 yachts currently under construction, including three yachts of 100 m and over. These facts and figures clearly demonstrate the dynamic in growth of Benetti and a huge confidence of customers towards the brand.

Our vision, experience and innovation

Azimut Benetti Group is one of the most authoritative shipyards in the world, maintaining longstanding leadership in the market in the calculation of the total length of the yachts built and projects that are in the implementation phase. A history of nearly a half-century is a great experience and an impeccable reputation that for a long time have formed stable relations with leading equipment manufacturers, suppliers, design studios, marine architects and engineers. All technological innovations, the most modern equipment and the latest developments are always the first to resonate with a company like Azimut Benetti Group.

Such a significant company has the ability to attract talents and the best minds to work on its projects. High quality, exceptional seakeeping and impeccable refined Italian style – these are the characteristics of Azimut Benetti yachts: this is something that year after year makes prospective buyers to choose this brand. Over recent years the world-famous yacht designers like Stefano Righini, Giorgio Maria Cassetta, Achille Salvagni, Redman Whiteley Dixon, Stefano Natucci have defined the design of the company’s products.

New hull Benetti 125 Fast construction

Design and building stages

Your ideas and design. . From the first ideas discussion to vessel’s transfer and throughout the whole period of design and construction, our company management and a engineers and designers team of Azimut Benetti Group are available to the prospective Owner. The work is built in a certain way and sequence, but the priority is always the same - to meet the expression of individuality that our Client has planned and desired. Each of Azimut Grande or Benetti yacht is unique and inimitable, that is why the yacht world knows their names and rarely mentions these models.

Construction. A negotiated contract sets forth a period of construction completion, testing and transfer to the client. Throughout the construction period, our company exercises control over each stage, provides a progress report. It is possible to make changes in the project throughout a construction period, but you should know that this might increase a construction period and shift the date of yacht transfer to the Client.

Test and transfer to the Client. According to the signed agreement between the parties upon prior notice from the shipyard, our representatives proceed to survey and yacht testing. At each stage they make a list of remarks and define the period for their elimination. All in all, more than 1000 quality assurance checks at various manufacturing stages manufacturing are made on an average size yacht (about 40 m).

Management. After yacht transfer to the Owner, its registration, team selection and other formalities, our company offers a yacht management service. The management company addresses different issues in the interests of the Owner, including financial calculations, relations with the crew, organization of transportation, technical management, regular reports formation– this list is open-ended.

Motor yachts series Azimut Grande and Benetti

Azimut Benetti Group предлагает моторные яхты водоизмещающего (Class Displacement) и полуводоизмещающего типа (Class Fast Displacement) с длиной корпуса от 27 до 42 метров (88-140 футов). Помимо обозначенного модельного ряда, мы представляем проекты серии Benetti Now Fast (BF164, BF184, BF224) и Custom Now Displacement (B164, B192, B214, B240). Эти линейки концептов предлагают моторные яхты с длиной корпуса от 55 до 80 метров (от 164 до 240 футов) с полностью индивидуальным дизайном и планировками.
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