Destinations for yacht

To start stepping in the yachting industry, you need to know where your yacht can go and what’s going on there. That’s why we – Azimut Yachts Vietnam will introduce you with the favorites destinations in Vietnam, South East Asia and Europe. Pick the destination and start planning your itinerary.

Destinations in Vietnam

Ha Long Bay – Tuan Chau Island

No need to say much about how Ha Long famous with her nature. A system with more than 400 small island, caves to discover. Ha Long will definitely a destination we recommend for yacht owner. You can go around the bay, discover some caves, go on kayak, enjoy fresh sea food or go discover the Kong’s home in the famous movie which recoded in Ha Long bay – “Kong: Skull Island”. Then you can stay some time to discover Tuan Chau Island with many tourist atraction and 5 star hotel.

Nha Trang – Ninh Van Bay

Nha Trang is the most famous beach city in Vietnam with long-coast, clean and blue sea and of course- lot of tourist attraction. All together made Nha Trang become the favorite destination for tourists not only in Vietnam but also from many foreign countries. If Nha Trang city itself is famous with beach, nightlife and party so Ninh Van Bay – a natural bay 30km away from Nha Trang city center is a truly a place for relaxing and enjoy spectacular view of nature.

Ninh Van Bay famous with many luxury resorts due to her charming nature beauty. Fresh air, white sand, blue water, great food and green forest will blow your mind away from daily headache and busy life. A great place to get away for yacht owners, you can drop the anchor of your yacht in the bay, then use the tender to move in and enjoy the beach. At night, a dinner in the middle of the sea on your yacht under sky with full stars follow by a night swim then a glass of whiskey before sleep in your cabin…Just use your imagination how great it is and you don’t need to go abroad for it, it is in Viet Nam by your own yacht.

Phu Quoc Island

Phú Quốc still has more potential of tourist compared with Nha Trang. 200km away from Kien Giang shore, Phu Quoc attract tourists with her nature beauty and wild, with the area even larger than Singapore and 50% cover by forest. You can enjoy luxury 5 star resort, visit night market or go deep into island’s mainland for “off-road” experiences. From Phu Quoc, you also can easily go to Thailand and Cambodia.

Destinations in South East Asia


Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destinations in South East Asia, and most Vietnamese people are familiar with the names of Thailand’s famous cities of Phuket and Pattaya or islands such as Koh-Samui. You can easily take a yachting trip from Vietnam to above mentioned places, and if you want to go on a yachting journey across the country then Thailand should be your primary consideration. With a developed infrastructure that has existed for over 10 years, the country can ensure you will receive any desired service for your yacht here. Furthermore, if you want to experience real yachting lifestyle in its fanciest meaning, then Thailand can also offer you a wide choice in terms of yacht charter which is remarkably developed here. Azimut Yachts Vietnam is ready to connect you with the service providers in Thailand as soon as possible.


Being Asia’s new financial center, Singapore brings to its people and guests all kinds of high-end services, obviously including yachting. Located approximately 400 km by sea from Vietnam, Singapore is easily accessible by boat and has plenty to offer to its visitors. Though not really scenic in nature, Singapore has created its own places of interests. You can enjoy a cocktail in the world’s most jaw-dropping (and photogenic) infinity pool on top of Marina Bay Sands, shop world’s most famous brands, or buy a ticket to watch the F1! These are just a few tips of what you can occupy yourself with in this lively city. Like in Thailand, yacht charter is developed here, making it a good choice for you if you want to experience true yachting lifestyle before you purchase your own boat.


Genting Highland, Langkawi archipelago…just a few destinations that come to mind when you think of Malaysia. If you ever stop by in Singapore on your yacht then your next destination surely Malaysia. The country has a lot of natural scenery and a rational tourism conservation policy that make Malaysia gradually become one of Asia's new tourist paradises. Not only beauty, but also great cultural diversity is what makes the tourism in Malaysia truly unique. For your knowledge – Langkawi is one of the most attractive destinations for yacht owners in Asia.

Destinations in Oceania


Another interesting destination we want to introduce is Oceania. Oceania includes Australia, New Zeland and an archipelago of many big and small island as Fiji – Vanatu – Papua New Guinea – Palau – Samoa.

Oceania famous with volcanos along the islands, and thanks to the system of volcanos that make beauty of the nature and diversity of biology population on the islands. Beside Australia and NewZeland are the develop countries, almost the rest islands main income are from tourism, that’s why they are very concentrating in the reservation of the nature to keep the neglected beauty which makes a lot of yacht lover falling in love.

Oceania has one the best purity water sources in the world. The Fiji water bottle is directly took from the sources on Fiji island. On the other hands, almost the population are aboriginal then their life and spirit show the attachment and respect to the nature,create a very nice and clean environments as well as keeping their original behaviors.

You will wake up to view the sun raise on an island, then jump into the blue water to swim witht the fish and see the coral. Or if you want to have adventure feeling, you can find some place to see the shark.

On the afternoon, you will get to the floating bar with a cocktail and sea-food to see view the sunset and next morning you have an adventure inside the mainland of islands and discover the culture of aboriginals. Then lunch time and come back to your yacht to depart for the next destination in the morning.

After ẹnoying the sturnning nature, you will go to Australia - a develop country for yachting to enjoy the last part of the journey. Go to Sydney then down to Melbourne for whale seeing or fishing.

Oceania has so many destinations and also one of the most famous tour for big cruiser. And if you are an yachts owner in Vietnam and you want to have a journey to Oceania, and it defintely will be an memorable trip of your life.

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