Azimut 43 Magellano: For Real Travelers

19.05.2016 662
The boat for thirsty travelers, Azimut Magellano 43 is a perfect golden middle for those who want to cruise further: its semi-displacement hull gives you a significantly longer range at reasonable fuel consumption, higher stability and extra space in width compared to boats with planing hulls of same length. Highly elaborate layout with generous storage, comfortable yet very elegant design – you can cross seas while feeling at home.
The exterior design is made by Cor D. Rover – a Dutch design studio specialiazed in motor yachts with displacement hulls. The Magellano 43, however, is not a fully displacement boat, which gives you a great advantage in terms of versatility of cruising: you can still go at a comfortable speed of 13-15 knots and cruise 150 miles further than the planing yachts, and at the same time you can speed it up to 22 knots when needed. Moreover, you are not dependent on weather conditions.
Moving on to the more specific advantages of the model. Magellano 43 is in general considered one of Azimut’s most elaborate: with overall length of 43 feet, it comes with three (!) cabins and potentially 7 berth places, which means you can bring your whole family on your journey. Including children, by the way, because the high bow pulpit will ensure safety for your dear little ones, even on the outside. 
A perfect choice for the adventurous type of people longing to cross seas and looking for a yacht in a 40-feet range: at a relatively humble size, this boat offers everything you need and embodies all the best features of the Magellano collection: freedom of cruising, generosity in space and ultimate comfort.

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