Charter in South East Asia

20.05.2016 700
South East Asia is a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, architecture and landscapes, making it one of the most exciting and enchanting charter destinations in the world. Its warm waters are peppered with glorious islands, many of which are only accessible by yacht, offering a perfectly private retreat with endless possibilities for scuba diving and watersports.
There are two kinds of charter: official, which is regulated by MYBA (Motor Yacht Brokers Association), and unofficial. Whereas unofficial charter may include a negotiable price and seem more beneficial to the client, official charter has certain advantages that outweigh the possibility of getting a large discount. Firstly, it concerns prices: while you cannot really expect a huge bargain in official charter, you can also be sure that you are not getting ripped off since the price ranges are regulated strictly, to ensure you are paying a reasonable market price. Secondly, MYBA certified charter companies envisage all possible risks and stipulate clearly the processes of solving problems if they occur.
Our company has been providing charter services for many years, and is ready to provide a wide choice of boats both in Europe and, of course, in South East Asia. In a region that includes breath-taking luxury yacht destinations such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, there are plenty of fantastic options in which to create the dream charter itinerary of a lifetime. Not to forget about Vietnam – a new blooming yacht destination with plenty of stunning places to visit (read our previous post - Some of the world’s best dive sites can be found off the coast of Thailand whilst Bali and Indonesia boast spectacular volcanic landscapes that are perfect for ashore exploration. Singapore meanwhile has become one of the most exclusive and desirable destinations in the world, famed for its iconic buildings and renowned events such as the Singapore Grand Prix – the perfect place for an event charter. 
Prices for a 20m boat (8-10 passengers) range between around $20 000 - $ 30 000/week, bareboat. Regardless of what destination you choose, our team will be happy to find you a suitable yacht and make sure you have the best time possible!

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