Motor vs. Sailing boats: What suits YOU best?

27.04.2016 784

To sail or to motor? Clearly there are differences in the construction, operation and enjoyment of each type of craft, but which elements should be considered when making the vital decision of sail versus motor? Each type of yacht has its supporters. Motor yacht owners wax lyrical about the high volumes of space aboard their vessels dedicated to recreational use, while sail boat aficionados love the sheer romance of it all and the more eco-friendly nature of their craft. 

The main advantage of sailing yachts is obvious: they move by the energy of the wind blowing in the sails. But here comes the other side of the coin – a sailing boat becomes immovable in the calm, while weather conditions practically do not play any role for motorboats. Large heavy sails and the complexity of managing them probably cannot be considered pros either – though they would definitely be appreciated by the romantic type of people. It is actually the complexity of managing the sails that deters many boating enthusiasts - not everyone is able to knit a hundred knots and move the sail.
The cost of a sailing yacht is also higher in relation to a motor yacht due to the complexity of the design and structural features of the masts and yard to which the sails are attached.

But do not forget about the merits of such yachts - sailing trips are incredibly special and beautiful, and even though they are time and energy consuming, these trips are perfect for those who are not tied up by any commitments on land and have plenty of time to set up the sails and cruise. 

 What about motor yachts then? It is a fallacy that fuel consumption of the engines are high – today shipyards produce boats with low fuel consumption and sound isolation. But in any case it is necessary to understand that the costs of fuel cannot be avoided completely – it just can’t. The speed of a motor yacht is much higher than that of a sailing boat, which is a very positive thing, especially when bad weather hits and you need to get ashore quickly.

However, the use of diesel engines requires mandatory regular inspections. And it is quite problematic to find a professional who understands the marine diesel engines. On the other hand power boats offer extremely easy management and navigation - even an amateur can operate them: no cranking winches and hauling up sails, press buttons and things happen right before your eyes. Power boat owners are not dependent on time: they can choose to go on a long cruising trip or just a weekend getaway.

To sum it up, one can say that what is important is to determine your goals: what do I NEED from my vessel? Also, a very important factor when choosing a yacht might be the price, which depends not only on the type of boat, but also on its technical condition and running parameters. Finally, everyone has different tastes – some want romance and choose sailing life, and some appreciate the freedom and comfort given by a motor yacht.

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