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Azimut Yachts Vietnam after-sale

We provide aftersales services that are up to Azimut – Benetti Group standards, and also assist in emergency situations. Having a team of international professionals, we are now building a service team in Vietnam, aimed at providing the most high-end and timely service for the yacht owners. Moreover, our Azimut team is ready to train your crew.

Having a large international network of partners, especially in Europe, we can ensure that our clients always receive the boats in the best condition possible and that these boats are serviced by our professionals. For clients that buy used boats we always make sure that we only offer carefully surveyed ones in order to avoid unwanted issues related to purchasing used vessels.

We instruct our customers on how to take care of their boats, schedule maintenance dates, and plan maintenance costs as well as provide additional equipment (If needed) from official distributors. For emergency issues, we provide 24-hour support and will be present at the place of issue occurrence within 24 hours after receiving your call.

Steps to buy a used yachts


  • Do you buy a yacht for business purposes, entertainment or to assist your work (meet guests/clients?)
  • Do you need to stay overnight on your yacht? If yes, how many people are planning to bring with?
  • Are you planning to operate your yacht on river or sea?
  • Do you need a large yacht (over 20m in length) or just a 12-16m yacht

Hint: Understand your needs will help you define exactly models you need, then you can narrow down the searching area and clear how much you need to spend.


  • How much money are you willing to spend on your boat?
  • Do you already have a mooring spot or will you need to rent one?
  • Do you need to hire a captain or are you planning to operate the boat on your own?

Hint: The expenses related to your yacht will include annual maintenance costs that account to approximately 2-4% from the price of the yacht every year.

Currently, the minimum price for a used boat in a decent condition is 120 000$ in Vietnam, not including transportation costs (30 000 – 50 000$ depending on size)


  • You will find information on foreign websites and learn more about types of yachts that suit your needs.
  • It will take some time for you to find a right model for you, as well as think over the accompanying expenses.

Hint: On most foreign websites the listed prices are applicable in the country where the boats lie and do not include transportation costs. You can get lost in this abundance of choice.

In Vietnam, Azimut Yachts Vietnam offers you over 100 used boats that have been chosen suitable for the Vietnamese market.


  • You will meet with the distributors (brokers) to receive their advice and offers
  • You will make a bid on a boat that you like, and your broker will assist you in calculating transportation and other costs related to purchasing that boat
  • Your broker will contact the seller to discuss the deal in details.

Hint: In case of used boats, you can not purchase a boat directly but have to do it via a broker. The broker will work on your behalf with the seller, advise you with reasonable bidding price, propriety of your choice, as well as take responsibility in issues such as delivery to Vietnam.


  • The broker will organize boat viewing, inspection and sea trial for you
  • You will make a decision whether to purchase the boat or not after you have the sea trial and inspect it
  • In case you decide to buy the boat, you will sign a contract and proceed with the payment.

Hint: We highly recommend our clients to take the sea trial the boats to better understand their needs. You could also find a similar model elsewhere to experience it before you make your decision.

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