S Collection

Sportiness is not in the name, it is in dynamics, lines, power and character. It is in eagerness, by force of which Azimut S breaks away from all expectations and whirls to unreachable horizon. It creates new dimension, new element – something made of sea, salty splashes, sky overhead, speed and your character. What is it? Everyone can call it at own will and feeling, but emotions suggest one word - Freedom. Freedom in the raw, in its primitive, uncreated character.

Standing on the deck of Azimut S, running at full speed, touch its bodylines. You will feel that brightness, power and elegance are not just words from lips of inspired creator or poet, this yacht is a mirror of your individuality, reflection of your character.

Azimut Yachts offers five models of sports series. In addition to exclusive speed performance and aerodynamic perfection of bodylines, the distinctive feature of entire series is “outdoor life” concept. Azimut supposes that maximum number of open spaces on the main deck due to single space of the saloon and roomy cockpit, opening hardtop of the saloon is a key to expectations understanding of admirers of yachts with a real sports character.

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